10 Exercise Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

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10 Exercise Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

Is exercising or getting healthy part of your New Year’s resolution? This year, achieve your health and fitness goals with these 10 mindful exercise resolutions.

A lot of Americans choose to make health-based resolutions. According to a  Nielsen study, the top two resolutions for Americans were “staying fit and healthy” (37 percent) and “losing weight” (32 percent). Leading a healthier life is an important goal to have, but like most resolutions, you are not likely to achieve it without proper planning.

Here are 10 tips to help you succeed with your exercise resolutions

  1. Get real. Most people dream big with New Year’s resolutions, but in order to achieve your goals you need to be realistic. Come up with a personalized dietary and exercise plan with your doctor, nutritionist, or trainer.
  1. Get detailed and break it down. Ambiguous goals are hard to achieve. Get a calendar and plan out your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Start small with easier goals and then shoot for larger goals later on.
  1. Stick to a schedule. The key to achieving your resolution is repetition, repetition, and repetition. Create a schedule that fits seamlessly into your daily routine and stick to it. 
  1. Start on the right foot. Make the most of your fresh start by making healthy lifestyle changes. Eat a protein-rich meal every morning and get eight hours of sleep.
  1. Get help. Starting a health regimen can be daunting so don’t go at it alone. Create a support team. Get an exercise partner, find a trainer, or hire a nutritionist. You can even use technology, like your smartphone, for help.
  1. Try new things. Variety is the spice of life. Try to new exercise moves and new foods to shake things up a bit. It will keep you energized and invested in your goals.
  1. Make time to reevaluate. If something isn’t working it may be time to reevaluate your plan. Things change, so make adjustment to ensure that your plan is doable. This may mean altering exercises or rethinking your diet.
  1. Prepare for slacking. Know your weaknesses and shortcomings and be prepared. For instance, if you know you aren’t going to run in the rain or skip a slice a birthday cake, have a contingency plan already in place.
  1. Track your progress and keep notes. Tracking your progress will keep you motivated. It will also help you make changes when necessary.
  1. Be kind to yourself. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes and that’s ok. So be kind to yourself when you slip-up and remember that change takes time.


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