10 Tips For The Best Staycation Ever

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10 Tips For The Best Staycation Ever

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Do you look forward to sharing the highways with 42 million people this Memorial Day weekend? Do you want to spend a lot of money, get in horrible traffic, spend time packing, and make arrangements for your pets? Or do you want to surrender, relax and plan a glorious fun staycation with you, family or friends? Here are some  mindful staycation ideas. 

It’s a great time to be creative and discover local destinations where you can relax, have fun and save money too.

Take a Memorial Day Staycation

Visit a farmer’s market

Have fun as you discover your local farmer’s markets. You will find new veggies, fruits, bread, and cheeses. Choose from more locally grown foods and new varieties from around the world.

Go to your local zoo.

Take the family to the zoo. Have each of your children gather information on a specific animal they love and have a show and tell after you go to the zoo. Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch.

Have a spa day

Many spas will have discounts this summer. Have a spa day and get relaxed and centered.

Share care

Share child, elder, and pet care with a neighbor or friend. In addition, you can take turns during your staycation so each of you get a break for a “do what you want today.”

Camp outside

Put up a tent in the backyard and have a camping trip. If the weather is inclement, camp in the basement or your living room.

Create a backyard observatory

Get the family in the backyard and learn about the constellations and planets. There are many apps to view the stars such as NASA, Sky Guide, Night Sky Lite, Sky View, or Sky Map.

Have a matinee at your house

Get a bunch of movies, sleeping bags, popcorn and some snacks. Have a slumber party at your home with a movie marathon.

Paint a room day

Nothing changes the energy of your home like a newly painted room. Have your child or you pick up a gallon of your favorite color and paint away.

Try a new restaurant

Go online or to an app to find a local restaurant with great food, a new cuisine or a great discount and go have a nice long 2-3 hour lunch with someone you love.

Host an ice cream celebration

Most of all nothing celebrates this time of year like making homemade ice cream. Discover old family recipes, new recipes online or create your own unique, yummy masterpiece. Your family, friends, and neighbors will love an ice cream party invitation.


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