2020: The Year of Mindful Living

Stress LESS through Mindful Living®

2020: The Year of Mindful Living

You can discover a life of sustainable happiness and health by living from the inside out with Mindful Living. You can discover wonder, joy, and energy in the simple, mundane, and ordinary moments of your life.

Mindful Living is the awareness that every thought, word, and action affects you, the environment, and society.

To begin your Mindful Life, remember the acronym A.C.E.

A= Awareness

Cultivating your awareness is the first step. Start with awareness of your five senses. Your five senses are the way your mind, body, and soul interpret the world.

Your 5 Senses (Your windows into the world)

  • Sight. Slow down and notice what you see. Become more aware of the natural world around you. What changes have you noticed? Or what does the sky look like? What do you notice when you really look into someone’s eyes and at their face? Take time to look respectfully at the food you eat and be grateful.
  • Scent. Our brain is immediately informed by our sense of smell. What does your home smell like? Is your home musty or clean and fresh smelling? What do you smell like? What are the scents of nature surrounding you?
  • Taste. What are your favorite tastes? Do you like sweet, bitter, or tart tastes? Are you taking the time to eat mindfully and taste each bite?
  • Sound. What do you hear right now? What nature sounds and music do you love? What sounds do you hear at work all day long? Irritating noises affect your stress levels and happiness.
  • Touch. Are your sheets soft and clean? You spend 1/3 of your life on your sheets. Touch is an essential sensory gift. Do you run your hands over your skin regularly? How does it feel to pet your dog or cat?


You are the hero of your life, not the victim. The more aware you become of the stressors that bring unhappiness into your life, the more you can choose to change them. Your greater awareness of what brings you happiness, joy, and love allows you to choose these gifts. You have the power to live a mindful life in 2016. You choose.


The healthier, happier choices you make, the more energy you will experience in your life. The more energy you experience with Mindful Living, the more aware you become of your old, negative habitual behaviors.

Enjoy the cultivation of Mindful Living by creating greater awareness, choosing more nourishing mindful practices, and then experiencing greater happiness and energy in your life in 2016.


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