3 Beginner Steps for Mindful Living

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3 Beginner Steps for Mindful Living

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3 Beginner Steps for Mindful Living 

  1. Your bucket list. List three things you want to do before you die. Get silent, take a few deep breaths and pretend you have one year to live. Let go of any self-deprecating talk and don’t make excuses for yourself. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself: what three things do I truly desire to do?
  2. Action. Do one action item for each of your goals within the next week. If you want to become a lawyer, begin now. Buy a book on the subject, Google the subject, and learn more about it or get information about a class. Call or email someone in the field of your dream. Make an appointment to meet with them. Don’t dread this process. Think of this as the adventure that is leading you to living your intentional life of purpose.
  3. It takes a village. Tell others about your goals and what your intentions are. Enlist the support of family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors. I have seen miracles happen when individuals do this simple exercise. Words are energy and when you tell others, incredible energy is unleashed into this magnificent world.


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