4 Mindful Ramadan Lessons

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4 Mindful Ramadan Lessons

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Today marks the beginning of Ramadan, the holiest of months for our Muslim sisters and brothers. This is a time of worship and spiritual wellness. Whether your Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or atheist, there is a lot you can learn from this religious holiday. From Ramadan fasting to prayers, it’s time for us all to take a few Mindful lessons.

Ramadan is a month of fasting and prayer for Muslims across the world. For 30 days, followers of the faith abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. They also abstain from smoking, sex, and immoral acts.

4 Mindful Ramadan Lessons for a Global Community

There are so many virtues that we can all learn from this holy month such as patience. Fasting from food, and other things, is a spiritual way of practicing patience. It’s also a way for people to gain more spiritual awareness. During Ramadan, people practice special acts of worship to bring them closer to their Divine, including special Ramadan prayers such as the Taraweeh (of Tarawih).

Besides virtues and spiritual health, Ramadan is also about family connections and social responsibility. During this holy month, Muslims cook, eat, and bond with their loved ones. Plus, Muslims are encouraged to give to the poor and needy with a generous spirit. This is something that we should all do more often. Having regular family meals and helping others makes for a more mindful global community.

This month, take some time to learn more about Ramadan and Islam as a whole. Listed below are just three short tips for you to expand your knowledge.

  • Ramadan podcasts. Want to learn more about the history of this holy month, but don’t actually have the time to read an informative book? How about listening to a podcast? There are many options out there, but here’s one example from Stuff You Should Know. It gives you a brief overview of the “customs and traditions behind observing Ramadan.” Give it a listen!
  • Ramadan recipes. Looking for some unique Ramadan recipes? Check out Yvonne Maffei’s blog My Halal Kitchen. She has some tasty creations such as rack of lamb with dates and Moroccan spices and banana date cups.
  • Ramadan children books. Want to help your children learn more about Ramadan? Consider giving them a book to help expand their knowledge. Scholastic Books has eight recommendations that you might find helpful, including The Garden of My Imaan by Farhana Zia.

Bonus. There are many facts and figures behind Ramadan that you’ll find interesting. Check out this article on the importance of Ramadan and this article on Ramadan 2018.


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