5 Ideas for Your Home Gym

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5 Ideas for Your Home Gym

Your home isn’t just your sanctuary it can also be your peaceful fitness center if you have the right tools. Whether you have a special at-home gym or just a fitness corner in a spare room, a few creative ideas can turn even the simplest home gym into a fitness control center.

5 Ideas for Your Home Gym 

  1. The right equipment. You don’t need large equipment for a well-stocked home gym. Treadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines are typically expensive and take up a lot of space anyways. Instead, invest in multiple smaller exercise tools that you can easily store in your fitness corner. Try dumbbells, exercise benches, exercise mats, high steps, jump ropes, medicine balls, resistance bands, and stability balls.
  1. Proper storage. When your exercise equipment is in disarray it can make your fitness corner seem junky. Keep the area organized with a shelving system, a bookcase, a pegboard, or a large closet. Keeping all of your equipment off the floor will also give you more room to exercise. Lastly, be sure to have extra space for gym towels, your gym shoes, and other personal effects—this way you can keep all your exercise items within one area.
  1. Walls and flooring. For the décor of your exercise corner, keep it simple. Hang mirrors so you can see and perfect your form as you exercise. You’ll also need the proper flooring as well. You can buy cheap rubber flooring tiles to line your exercise space with. Or you can try cheap gym foam flooring.
  1. Exercise accessories. Kick your exercise corner up a notch with special fitness accessories. Hang a large calendar on one of the walls and plan out your exercise routine for the month. Install one or two small fans to your corner to keep you cool. Also, consider setting up a ballet barre on a wall to help with your exercises. And if you like to watch television, listen to music, or watch instructional workout routines as you exercise, consider having a stand for your television or computer.
  1. Cool down station. Finally, make sure that your tiny home gym has a cooling down station. Stock a shelf or small cubby with water and light snacks. Also be sure to keep equipment-cleaning sprays on hand to wipe down your tools and keep everything sanitized.

With these five steps, you’ll have a home gym in no time!

Small gym arranged in white room at home


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