6 Top Indoor Plants That Reduce Stress

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6 Top Indoor Plants That Reduce Stress

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Looking for a way to liven up your house? Consider decorating with plants. They’re beautiful, they connect you with the great outdoors, they have numerous health benefits, and they can even reduce your stress.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can improve your health in many ways. Indoor plants help you breathe easier by reducing indoor pollution. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Plus, they help eliminate toxins and volatile organic compounds from the air, such as formaldehyde. They can also put you in a good mood. In fact, even in the most stressful environments, researchers have found that plants can indeed reduce stress.

A past study published in Preventative Medicine found that natural elements had stress-reducing properties for patients in healthcare environments, which can be very stressful places. In the study, the participants reported less stress when their hospital room contained indoor plants. The same stress effects could apply to your home as well.

Top Indoor Plants for Reducing Stress

If you are interested in reducing stress, consider the top indoor plants listed below. 

  • Snakes, monkeys, and palms. Are you looking for lush plants that will make a visual statement in your home? Try snake, monkey or palm plants. Snake plants are tall with long beautiful leaves and an exotic look. According to NASA, they can help clean your air. Pachira aquatic, monkey trees, make for a beautiful addition to any home. They have a tropical look to it, they only need to be watered once or twice a week, and they survive on indirect light. Do you wish that you lived in a warmer climate? Buy an indoor palm tree. They look great and liven up any room.
  • Succulents. Are you constantly forgetting to water your plants? If so, succulents are probably the plants for you. They require little water, so they can generally survive your occasional forgetfulness. They come in a beautiful array of colors, such as red, purple, and orange, and they come in many varieties, from aloes and agaves to sedums and echeverias.
  • Herbs and bonsai trees. Consider having indoor plants that require a bit more gardening maintenance, because while indoor plants improve your mood, indoor gardening can further reduce your stress. Another study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology suggested that “active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress.” Indoor gardening also promoted “comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings.” So, by keeping herbs or bonsai trees in your home you’ll have plants that you can regularly attend to and you can further reduce your stress.