Are You Living Your Authentic Life?

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Are You Living Your Authentic Life?

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In society, we may experience the philosophical and spiritual gurus continually calling each of us to live an “authentic life.” The word authentic means original, not false or copied–it’s genuine, real. Living an authentic life is an essential human desire and goal that drives many of our lives. Listed below is my short list of ideas on how to live your authentic life.

Living Your Authentic Life

  1. When we are authentic, we destabilize the current arena. One of the reasons most of us fear living our authentic life is that we will upset the proverbial apple cart. Our social support systems including our family, our workplace, and our community can be turned upside down or drastically changed when we challenge the world by living authentically. Too many of us live quiet lives of desperation fearing our demise if we expose our true selves and our inner realities to the world.
  1. The seeds for your authentic life. A seed only sprouts with the sun. The magnificent gifts of the real you are a valuable, tender seed planted in your soul. The only way for your unique authentic seed to sprout, grow and become whole, is to grow this seed in the warmth and splendor of the sun. Keeping the seed of your authentic life in the dark, under the earth, hiding from the light, will only suffocate the miraculous gifts of your seed.
  1. Live your authentic work life. Your work is your gift to the world and this work is co-creation with the Divine. If you cannot be authentic at your job you cannot reach your true potential with your creativity, innovation, and effectiveness. If you feel oppressed, diminished or unappreciated you may want to sit down with your supervisor and discuss in what ways you can not be your true self at work.
  1. Your authentic life is just like being a trapeze artist. Without letting go, there is not a show. Most of us want to live our authentic life without letting go of what feels comfortable and habitual. You have to let go of the life you have created to discover the authentic life that has been waiting for you. Yes, it can be terrifying but the reward is the “Greatest Show on Earth.” Your authentic life!
  1. An authentic life harnesses your life’s experiences. We can spend our lives in a blur rushing from one day to another and from one experience to another. Every moment you are aware and present in your life can become a living miracle of authenticity. Learning to cherish the power, energy, and respect of each experience of your life is truly living your authentic life.


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