Are Your Kid’s Home Alone? Don’t Stress Your Summer Away!

As children rejoice with the start of summer, parents everywhere begin to experience terror. How can parents concentrate at work with visions of their kids fighting and setting kitchen fires at home? And how can they enjoy the simple pleasures of summer when they are in a constant state of fear and stress?

Simple Tips for Keeping Tabs on Your Children

  1. Make time for your kids during the workday. Use your break times to meet your kids for lunch, Skype, or call them at a scheduled time to check in.
  2. Don’t take work home. When you take work home, you are not available for your children. The summer will rush by, so savor this precious time with your children.
  3. Help your kids “make their own fun” during the day. Each week have the children plan specific goals and projects they want to accomplish like books to read or languages to learn.
  4. Enlist your children to help plan a family vacation.  It is a great project to have your children plan and research your family vacation.
  5. Neighbors. Are any of your neighbors retired from work, home from college for the summer, or unemployed? Make arrangements for your children to spend some time with a person whether they bake, cook, do crafts, play games or go to a movie. Your children get social support and supervision, and the other person gets companionship or income they need.
  6. Sign your children up for a structured activity. Many local organizations, such as Parks and Recreation Departments, offer summer programs in all sports. High schools and colleges offer summer science camps, mathematics camps, and language camps.
  7. Tap into your children’s emotions.  Place a concern and worry box on a table in your home and where your children can place their worries and discuss them at a family meeting once a week.
  8. Relax! Enjoy your summer! It will go by fast, so enjoy every second of the precious time with your children.

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