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Animals Are Stress Busters

Animals are natural stress busters. Our four-legged friends reduce stress and are good for your physical, mental and emotional health. The shelters are overflowing with animals so please consider bringing…
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Water Reduces Stress

Water is a Great Stress Reducer

Water reduces stress, and therefore is a great stress reducer. For example, simply drinking a glass of water is a simple way to reduce your stress. When you experience stress,…
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Drinking Water To Improve Your Mood

Are you drinking enough water ? The health benefits are endless. You need it, not only for your physical health but for your mental health as well. In fact, studies…
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Give the Gift of a Massage

Research shows massages reduce stress, relax your muscles and give you an immune boost. Researchers measured immune function in healthy adults who received a massage. The massaged group had more…
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A Hug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Why is a hug the best medicine? University of North Carolina researchers studied the effects of hugs on our health. The team studied partners as they measured the stress hormone…
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