Avoid Morning Chaos

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Avoid Morning Chaos

Mornings for most of us can be chaotic. It is very important to remember your morning chaos sets the stage for your entire day. Don’t you want to begin your day with a rhythm and dependable rituals that keep you balanced for the day? Try to set the tone for the morning by trying to be playful, optimistic and organized.

Listed below are some tips to help you manage your morning chaos.

  1. Create a morning plan for the kitchen. Have a family meeting and schedule which person is responsible for specific morning tasks. Who’s job is it to make breakfast, set the table and load the dishwasher? Make sure to write this valuable schedule.  This makes for less arguing, solid expectations of who does what and helps with the morning chaos in the kitchen. Sit down to eat!
  2. Closets and drawers.  Clutter causes stress, confusion, and chaos. Have each person organize their closets and drawers. When things get hectic they know where their “stuff,” is located.
  3. Refrigerator. Try to keep food groups together such as a fruit drawer, meat drawer, and veggie drawer. This makes it easier to make breakfast, pack lunches and make supper.
  4. Family calendar. Centralize all schedules. Each person uses a different color marker for events, athletics, and all events.
  5. Shelves by the exit door. Each person has a cubby or shelf for his/her needed things to take that day. Everything goes into this space such as book bags, shoes, homework, and lunches. This keeps family members from racing through the house looking for last minute items and making everyone late.
  6. Animal food and water. Each family member takes turns each to make sure the animals are given food and water for the day.


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