Back-to-School Kids Stress Tips

Children’s S.E.L.F. Care

Remember this acronym to help your child’s stress:


Breath. Teach your child to take several slow deep breaths when they are stressed or fearful.

Positive Words. When your child is stressed have them repeat a short positive statement such as, “I am strong, I am safe, or I am loved.”

Music. Listen to a song or sing a song they love that makes them smile or calms them down.

Sleep. Make sure your child is getting the sleep they need to keep them balanced and healthy.


Play. Urge your child to play. Play relaxes a child right away.

Walk. Teach your child to move their body when they are stressed.

Stretches. Yoga type stretches on the floor or in a chair are great relaxers for your child.

Dancing. Your child’s mind, body and soul will reduce their stress as they dance.


Family. Being supported and loved by the family reduces a child’s stress.

Friends. Supporting your child developing friendships creates their resilience to stress.

Pets. Having a pet in the house is a definite stress reducer.


B6 Foods. These foods help the body produce relaxing chemicals into the body such as bananas, turkey or sunflower seeds.

Fruit. Satiates and refreshes your child.

Sugar and caffeine. Be sure to watch your child’s sugar and caffeine intake. These foods stress a child’s developing systems.

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