Boosting Morale at Work

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Boosting Morale at Work

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Low morale around the office can be contagious and dangerous in a work environment. To boost the morale or unhappy workers you’re going to need Mindful techniques.

Employees can experience low morale in various ways. They may dread coming into work or feel that their job isn’t fulfilling their needs or goals; thus wasting their potential. Employees may also feel unappreciated by their superiors. And the lack of open communication between employees and employers can lead to misunderstood expectations, which stresses and confuses workers. Low chances of advancement and coworker problems can also lead to low morale.

Low morale affects employees’ health. Unhappy employees have higher stress levels and are at a greater risk of developing health problems like heart disease and depression. Low morale affects the workplace too. It can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity, and increased employee turnover in the workplace. It can also be costly. The American workforce looses $350 billion each year due to low morale costs (like health-related issues, missing work, and general unhappiness at work).

To mindfully boost morale at work you may need the following:

Comfortable workspaces

Workers spend a lot of their time at work; it’s literally their home away from home. Therefore, the workplace should be welcoming and comfortable for the employees. This could mean mindfully decorating the office with comfy chairs, soothing colors, or bright lighting. Also, beware of workplace politics and bullies. They can plague an office and bring down office morale.


When employees have more control over their schedule and work method, the workers feel more productive and respected. So, employers should consider flexible hours for their employees as well as letting them take more control over how they approach tasks. Work breaks can also boosts morale. Taking a ten-minute nature break or having a snack in the break room encourages employees to relax.

More sharing

Employees should have some say in how their workplace operates. Employers should encourage workers to share their ideas about the office or about current projects and then actively listen. A suggestion box may be a good idea if workers seem hesitant.

Appreciation and celebration

Employee appreciation should be a priority around the office. Handwritten thank you cards and face-to-face praise is a great idea. Bosses can also recognize and reward their employees with prizes or parties. Employers should also consider celebrating special events in employees’ lives like birthdays, weddings, births, etc.

Team building exercises

Ensuring that the office feels like a community can help with office morale too. Consider team building exercises or planning fun events like broad game lunches and happy hour. You can also do some good and come together as a community, through things like volunteer projects.


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