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Get Digging and Start Gardening

Get digging around in the dirt because it is great stress reliever; as it is enjoying the flowers and the beauty of nature around you. A garden symbolizes creativity, connection, beauty, and…
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Healing Gardens

Gardening has been shown to improve your health. The CDC says that 2.5 hours of gardening a week is great for strengthening your muscles and burning calories. Gardening can also…
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The Power of Chakras

Energize Your Life with Chakras

Understanding the Ancient Chakra Energy System Understanding the chakra system has been a powerful source of healing for me throughout the years. A Taoist monk almost thirty years ago taught…
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Inner Spring Cleansing

A little Spring Cleaning on the inside can change your life! One of the easiest ways to live mindfully and overcome your stress is to do some inner spring cleansing.…
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Reverse Brain Aging Now

The key to restoring, maintaining and reversing your brain health is Brain S.E.L.F. Care. Nourishing and stimulating the brain on a daily basis is the key to reversing aging, and…
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Lent Is The Time For Spring Cleaning

We are now into the second week of Lent. This sacred season began on February 14 this year. Lent is the 40 days before Easter. It is considered a sacred…
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mardi gras, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday

Celebrating Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday is a time of great celebration in countries around the world, especially those with large Catholic populations like Brazil, Mexico, and Italy. These holidays have…
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The Power of Renewal Rituals

Rituals reduce stress and anxiety and make us feel safe and resilient. I encourage you to develop Renewal Rituals, especially at work, to live a more stress-free life. Before we…
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Mindfulness: The Path to Freedom

As a wise person once said, “Mindfulness is the path to freedom.” How many of us really live in the present moment? Learning to live in the present moment can…
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A.C.E. Your Life

There are three components that are the foundation for living an intentional life in balance. They are Awareness, Choice, and Energy. Just remember the acronym A.C.E. your life! The key is to…
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