Stress LESS through Mindful Living®

Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life

A positive parenting affirmation guided meditation session designed to help mothers relax and find stillness

Guided Meditation by Dr. Kathleen Hall

A guided meditation featuring Dr Kathleen Hall to relax, restore, and renew your body and mind.

Guided Meditation for Harmony, Inner Peace & Emotional Healing

Does worrying drain your energy? Reach inner harmony and peace in this guided meditation

Guided Meditation for a Powerful Higher Self

In just 10 minutes, this Guided Meditation will bring you into a deep and powerful connection with your Higher Self

Before Sleep Guided Chakra Meditation

A ‘before sleep’ guided chakra meditation by Jason Stephenson

Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation

Gently be eases you into a state of blissful calm relaxation.

Take a Break To Relax Your Brain

Help free yourself from panic, anxiety and worry with this autogenic guided meditation

Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm

Locate an inner peace and calm the sense of being overwhelmed within yourself

10 Minute Meditation by Daily Calm

Restore and re-connect with the present in this 10 minute mindfulness meditation from Daily Calm

Breathing Meditation by UCLA

A breathing mediation video from the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA