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Greatest Inspiration Ever

Jaden Hayes lost both of his parents at a young age. But he is determined to live life with joy, and do his best to make sure others do too.…
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Kathryn Dudeck

Kathryn Dudeck: Hawk Hero

Meet Kathryn Dudeck, Hawk Hero. Her actual title is Wildlife Director at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. However, she is also the go-to “bird person” in Medlock Park, a nearly 40…
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Dr Derrick Campana

Meet the Man Who Makes Bionic Pets

You could say Derrick Campana creates bionic pets for a living.  Dr. Campana want to school for human orthopedics. He was asked by a veterinarian to make a prosthesis for…
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Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond’s Inspiring Story of Olympic Proportions

If you don’t know who Derek Redmond is, after watching this video, it should be hard to forget him. One of Britain’s most famous athletes is Derek Redmond. In 1985…
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Piano for Elephants

They say an elephant never forgets, and the elephants at Elephants World in Thailand will never forget Paul Barton. One thing the elephants will never forget, for example is ‘Piano…
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guy rescues iguana

Man Rescues Iguana In Middle of Ocean

Here is a heart-warming video about a guy who rescues an iguana from middle of the ocean. We invite to get ready to smile and be surprised as you watch this…
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Tiny Puppy Loves Racing On Wheels

TurboRoo is a chihuahua who was born without his two front legs. Read his inspiring story and learn how 3d printers and an ingenious, specialized solution gave this dog a new lease on life.

A Soldier’s Silent Night: Twas the Night Before Christmas (Video)

Here is a great video entitled A Soldier’s Silent Night: Twas the Night Before Christmas that is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.  This lovely take on the…
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