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Welcome Kit Ideas for New Neighbors

Welcoming new residents to the neighborhood is a sweet tradition that continues in many mindful communities. Starting that first conversation can be a bit awkward so why not break the…
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Start a Savings Plan for Your Kids

Children grow up so fast. One day you’re changing their diapers and the next day you’re driving them to college. Empty nest syndrome can be tough so being emotionally prepared…
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Why You’re an Early Bird or Night Owl

While lifestyle plays an important role in influencing whether you are an early bird or night owl, research tells us that your genes are largely responsible for your internal clock.…
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This Year, Kick Your Smoking Habit

Have you made quitting your smoking habit your New Year’s resolution? You aren’t alone. Reducing or quitting smoking is one of the top ten New Year’s resolutions for Americans. Accomplishing…
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Delicious Foods that Heal Your Injuries

Whether you’ve had surgery or scrapped your knee on the pavement, waiting for your skin to heal requires patience. Luckily, there are some tasty, natural ways to improve the health…
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New Trends: Creative Discipline

Your child has taken a treat from the cookie jar before dinner again – even after you told them not to… Now it’s time for action, but what is the…
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Jealousy the Green Eyed Monster, The Way I See It

Jealousy: The Green Eyed Monster

“Shakespeare described jealousy as “the Green-Eyed Monster.” Jealousy is thoughts or feelings of insecurity, fear, concern, and envy over relative lack of possessions, status or something of great personal value.…
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Stress Impacts Beauty

Stress impacts the way you look Many of us take complicated steps in order to look younger and retain our youth. However, many of us overlook one important step: reducing…
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When Loved Ones Stress You Out

We love our family and friends, but sometimes they can be unexpected sources of stress. When they experience stress we can often “catch” their anxiety like a germ. This type…
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S.E.L.F. Care: Your Life Preserver at Work

Are you feeling overwhelmed and overworked? Does it feel like the day is moving at snail’s pace and the amount of work hasn’t ended? Here is how S.E.L.F Care can…
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