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Swirling Space Galaxy

Let your SELF become mesmerized as you enter this beautiful swirling galaxy in outer space. Relax as this dreamy, ambient music, as the universe, expands and contracts. This natural swirling…
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waves crashing at sunset

Waves Crashing at Sunset

Allow your SELF to relax and let go of your worries while you watch and listen to the crashing waves, as they wash upon the distant rocks. Problems come and…
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powerful icelandic waterfall

Powerful Icelandic Waterfall

Seek solace from the cleansing power of the tremendous waterfall. Take comfort in the knowledge that you emerge a new person with each new day. The natural imperfections found in…
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Jungle Waterfall Oasis

Jungle Waterfall Oasis

Let feelings of calm and relaxation take you over as you enjoy this beautiful oasis of waterfalls that lies deep in a jungle, far away from the rest of the…
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rocky stream and waterfall

Rocky Stream and Waterfalls

Enjoy the sound of this magnificent water powerfully roaring over the majestic rocky mountains.

Quiet Field Covered with Dew in the Morning 

Enjoy the scenery of a calm, quiet field in the early morning hours before the dew has been washed away by the rays of the sun accompanied by the ambient…
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Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life

A positive parenting affirmation guided meditation session designed to help mothers relax and find stillness

Guided Meditation by Dr. Kathleen Hall

A guided meditation featuring Dr Kathleen Hall to relax, restore, and renew your body and mind.

Rainbow-Chakra Meditation for Kids

This meditation video for kids uses animations to make chakra meditation as real as possible

Postpartum Guided Meditation

A guided meditation for moms with children of any age that offers a way to relax and release all of the stress and pressure from motherhood