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Memorial Day Cookouts

Traveling during Memorial Day can get chaotic. Sometimes the best and most Mindful approach to a long weekend is a Memorial Day staycation. So, consider planning a Memorial Day cookout…
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What’s with Raw Diets?

The word “diet” is less than appealing for most of us that are looking to shed a few pounds. That’s because most diets can be over complicated and tasteless. However,…
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Mango & Berries Smoothie Bowls

Is eating healthier part of your New Year’s resolution? If so, you might need to change up your diet and there is no better way to start than with a…
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Pump Up Your Tea By Making Sun Tea

Teas are beneficial for a variety of diseases. A study from the University of North Carolina showed that people who drink three cups of regular black or green tea a…
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Mother’s Day French Toast

Enjoy this simple, delicious recipe for French Toast. It’s perfect to serve your mother or special woman in your life on Mother’s Day or any special day of the year! 

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The Top 13 Dirtiest Produce Items

Are you about to plan another trip to the grocery store? Well, before you go there are some safety tips you’ll need to know. According to the FDA, 48 million…
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Mindful Lunch Ideas for the Office

Lunch breaks are rare nowadays. According to a survey, only one-third say that they take a lunch break. Statistics also show that 65 percent of workers either skip lunch or…
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Office Picnic on Your Lunch Break

It’s spring and beautiful outside and you don’t feel motivated at work. So, let’s bring some energy and fun going to work by organizing a potluck office picnic. Send a…
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baking party, baking, party, cookies, cupcakes

Throw a Baking Party!

There’s something about baking that brings a smile to people’s faces. If the cold weather has got you down, having a baking party with your kids or with a few…
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Delish Eco-Dining Trend

Local. Sustainable. Organic. These are the buzzwords when we hear and talk about food these days. To practice sustainability as a community, consider the concept of the “local food movement.”…
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