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6 Valentine’s Day Snacks

Are you planning a Valentine’s Day party? Do you need some ideas for snacks? Check out the fun recipes listed below! S’more popcorn. Skip the regular popcorn and serve something…
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Delicious Foods that Heal Your Injuries

Whether you’ve had surgery or scrapped your knee on the pavement, waiting for your skin to heal requires patience. Luckily, there are some tasty, natural ways to improve the health…
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Tips for Feeling FULL-filled

It is important to eat throughout the day, but constant snacking can undermine your health. According to an American study, children are snacking up to three times a day. And…
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How to Stop Stress Eating

When you’re stressed, what do you turn to for comfort? Shopping? Meditating? Napping? It turns out that many Americans turn to food. This is known as stress eating or emotional…
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Enjoy TexMex Chili Night!

Crockpots are an easy way to prepare healthy meals for the whole family. If you’re in the need of a fun recipe to use for your crockpot, try this enchilada-inspired…
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Beets: Shocking Fountain of Youth Secret

Beets Aren’t Popular Beets aren’t the most popular vegetable, but they do have definite health benefits. In fact, a preliminary study from Wake Forest University shows that drinking a beetroot…
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Post-Holiday Detox Tips

In about two weeks the holiday season will be over and a new year will begin. It will be a time of cleaning, including taking down holiday decorations, cleaning up…
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Delicious Holiday Fudge Recipes

Are you looking for easy Christmas sweets to serve at your upcoming holiday gathering? If so, fudge may be the solution. All you need is a little butter, sugar, flavoring,…
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Start Making Your Own Herbal Tea

There’s no better way to stay warm on chilly nights than drinking a hot brew of herbal tea. There’s a variety of brands, but fresh ingredients are not only tastier…
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Soups: Good for Your Waistline

Soup is a miraculous and tasty dish. It can bring communities together, warm your soul, and according to recent research, it can also trim your waistline. Dieters and weight-watchers may be…
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