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Prevent Summer Brain Drain

Summer brings joy to millions of American children due to one simple fact: no school. Unfortunately, these long summer breaks that kids love are troubling to their education. Without academic…
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4 apps for summer weekend fun, Mindful Family, Mindful Living Network

4 Apps for Summer Weekend Fun!

Do you need some ideas for a weekend adventure? These apps may be just what you’ve been looking for! With a simple tap on your smartphone, you can find cool…
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Mindful Living Network, Mindful Living, Dr. Kathleen Hall, The Stress Institute, OurMLN.com, MLN, Alter Your Life, Mindful Family, Family

Quick Tips to Be a Happy Parent

Welcome to a typical parents’ morning. It begins when your toddler leaps onto your bed at 6 a.m. You try to be happy to see them, but all you’re really…
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Get Outdoors and Enjoy Ecotherapy

Getting out in the great outdoors can have tremendous effects on your health. This summer why not enjoy ecotherapy in order to improve the health of your entire family. Ecotherapy…
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Just “Beachy” Craft Ideas for Summer Fun!

There is nothing like a day at the beach with the smell of the fresh sea air and the sand between your toes. Many children collect seashells to hold on…
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Fun Sidewalk Chalk Games

With televisions, computers, and video games, kids can spend their whole summer stuck indoors. If you want to get your kids outside more consider buying lots of colorful sidewalk chalk.…
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Your Kids Won’t Eat Veggies? Get your Kids in the Garden!

You buy all the green, organic things you can and yet your little one still won’t touch them! Maybe it’s time to get your kids in the garden! According to Health.com,…
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summer vacation on a budget, vacation on a budget

Summer Vacation on a Budget

Planning family trips requires time and budgeting for expenses. By pre-planning your next summer vacation on a budget you avoid the stressful pitfalls of overspending, boredom, and loose ends. And…
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thrift shops, secondhand clothes

Guide to Secondhand Clothes

The end of summer is right around the corner, which means it’s almost time to clean out your closet and prepare for a new season. Do you have old clothes…
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4th of july, celebration, mindful living everyday, unity in community, family conflict

Putting the “Unity” in CommUNITY

Are you planning a fourth of July cookout with your extended family? Are you worried that politics is going to prevent you from enjoying that yummy potato salad? It doesn’t have…
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