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Have the Best Picnic Ever!

Thinking of our family picnics brings floods of incredibly happy memories. We were picnic freaks. We had picnics everywhere we could think of including our back porch, the backyard, the…
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A Beautiful Wedding on a Modest Budget

Weddings should be about love, but, these joyous occasions can be quite costly. With mindful planning you can have a wallet-friendly wedding. According to Brides magazine, the average cost of…
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Making the Most of Educational Vacations

Are your kids experiencing summer brain drain? If so, educational vacations may be the cure. On average, students lose 2.6 months’ worth of knowledge during the summer (a majority of…
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Why Create A Mindful Family

The themes that rule our lives today are, “I just don’t have time” and “I’m exhausted.” We are overbooked, overworked and overwhelmed. Just getting done what must be done fills…
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The Story Behind Father’s Day

Father’s Day has been celebrated in the U.S. for over 100 years. And in that time, millions of children have thanked their dads for their undying love. As you honor…
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Evolution of Fatherhood

Part of being a mindful father is striking the right balance between family and professional life. In the past, a father’s identity was based more on factors outside of the…
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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

A recent survey found that an overwhelming majority of fathers said that would prefer experiences with their kids over gifts. Father’s Day is right around the corner. This year go…
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Discipline Tips for Your Child

Society is full of prescriptions for handling a child’s misbehavior. You can’t  escape nanny shows, advice from an empathetic mom or the outspoken advice from your childless coworker. Here are…
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For Father’s Day, Get Him to the Doctor’s Office

Father’s Day is a time to honor our loving parent. And there is no greater way to show that you care than by ensuring that they live a long, healthy…
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Create a Father’s Day Adventure to Remember

Camping is the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift  We all need a healing dose of Mother Nature during this season of pandemic isolation. Father’s Day is just around the corner, and…
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