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Inspiring Workspaces

With the advancements in technology, the way Americans work has drastically changed. Unfortunately, American offices have not evolved at the same rate. Forbes reports that most offices are organized with…
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Increase Your Productivity

Staying focused during the workday is a challenge for many Americans workers and it can have definite costs for both employers and employees. With the right mindful tips, you can…
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Job Search Motivation

Searching for a job can be exhilarating in the beginning. The prospect of a new and better career can be fun, but after a few rejections and no responses from…
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vacation study

Vacation From Work is Essential for Health

Do you have some vacation days saved up? Consider taking a relaxing trip. It’s not only a great way to bond with your family it can also benefit your health.…
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“Upcycle” Items for the Office

We all have odds and ends around the house that we don’t know what to do with. We could recycle or donate them. Or we can take these ordinary objects…
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It’s a Bad Idea to Eat on Your Office Desk

It’s a bad idea physically and psychologically to have a desk lunch at your job. A survey from the American Dietetic Association finds that 75 percent of office workers eat…
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Discover Job Opportunities Abroad

Pounding the pavement, looking for a job can be discouraging for many Americans. If you’re looking for a creative way out the rat race, then maybe you should be thinking…
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No Teacher Left Behind

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, a time for us to do something we don’t often do—appreciate our teachers. With stagnated salaries and other cuts, teachers need our help more than…
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Mindful Lunch Ideas for the Office

Lunch breaks are rare nowadays. According to a survey, only one-third say that they take a lunch break. Statistics also show that 65 percent of workers either skip lunch or…
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walking desk, treadmill desks

Walking Desks In Workplaces: Pros & Cons

Today 71 percent of American adults are overweight or obese, so it’s important that everyone incorporates more exercise into their daily routine. With treadmill or walking desks, you can walk…
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