Poolside Party Ideas!

Nothing says summer more than relaxing evenings with friends and family by the pool. So this summer why not throw a mindful poolside party for your loved ones? It’s a fun and mindful way to relieve stress. Swimming is not only fun it also has numerous health benefits. It improves flexibility, helps with asthma, and

Mindful Procrastination Tips

Studies show that 95 percent of us procrastinate, but only 20 percent of us see it as a problem. Procrastination causes businesses untold losses of money and productivity, but there are also health consequences. The longer you put off the task, the more the stress builds and the more depressed you feel. Fortunately, with these procrastination tips

Love Benefits Your Health

It’s well known that a healthy dose of self love has a positive impact on your life. Studies show sharing love with others can also be good for our health. People in lasting, loving relationships have a better quality of life than their single counterparts. Married people are said to have many advantages. For example, they

Tips for Severe Weather Preparedness Week

February 3rd through the 7th is Severe Weather Preparedness Week, a time in which we should make plans to prepare for severe weather such as floods, hail and thunderstorms and even tornadoes. Have you made special emergency arrangements for your family? If not, then this is the time to do so. Listed below are five

Make Playing Your New Year’s Resolution

Playing More is a Health New Year’s Resolution to Begin This Year. Many of us try to create new practices in the New Year. One New Year’s resolutions should be to play more. Play changes the brain and creates health. Playing is an essential health benefit to our mind and body.  One fun practice to

Find Your Role Model

Positive role models aren’t just for kids. Everyone needs someone to look up to and November, National Inspirational Role Models Month, is the perfect time to pick one or more. Historical figures are often admired and looked up to as role models. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Harriet Tubman, and Mother Teresa are just

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