Stress Reduction

Stress LESS through Mindful Living®

Gardening & Getting in the Dirt Reduces Stress

Gardening is a physical activity that reduces stress and also has numerous other health benefits. One of the resulting benefits of lowering stress is relaxing your mind and body and…
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brain awareness month

It’s Brain Awareness Month

June is Brain Awareness month, a time for people of all ages to get involved. Forgetting Things? Do you feel like you just keep forgetting things? Do you feel as…
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Living a Cluttered Life?

Living a cluttered life is a great source of stress. When you can’t find your car keys, your favorite blouse is missing and the report you spent so much time…
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vision board

Create Your Powerful Vision Board

It’s funny how powerful vision boards can be. How many of us had good intentions as we created our New Year’s resolutions for this year? Many of us have written…
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It’s Puzzle Time! Puzzles Reduce Stress!

Puzzles are a great way to reduce stress. Puzzles are a powerful tool that increase your memory and as a result help slow the aging process of the brain. Research…
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Nature Affects Your Brain

You maybe surprised to see how much nature affects your brain. No matter the season,  Mother Nature is beckoning you to get outside and join her majesty today. Ecotherapy is…
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Stress LESS With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment. It uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Sometimes it’s called essential oil therapy. Aromatherapy uses essential oils medicinally to enhance both…
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stress prevention month

It’s Stress Prevention Month

October is Stress Prevention Month. We are entering the stressful holiday season. We are approaching a time of seasonal stress. However each day we are also living in a more…
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Animals Are Stress Busters

Animals are natural stress busters. Our four-legged friends reduce stress and are good for your physical, mental and emotional health. The shelters are overflowing with animals so please consider bringing…
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Water Reduces Stress

Water is a Great Stress Reducer

Water reduces stress, and therefore is a great stress reducer. For example, simply drinking a glass of water is a simple way to reduce your stress. When you experience stress,…
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