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Need An Emotional Spring Cleaning?

Flowers, birds and lovely weather are on the way, but spring also brings on certain types of stress unique to the season. We think of all the coming holidays like…
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Mindful Mason Jar Lunches

Mason jars are used for practically everything nowadays. If you have a few mason jars laying around, you can also use them to make mindful school lunches for your kids. Listed…
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15 Activists to Celebrate for Women’s History Month

Happy Women’s History Month! What began in 1978 as a weeklong celebration in the school district of Sonoma, California has become a national month of awareness. In the past, we’ve shined…
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Find Healing in the Wild

If you are feeling stressed or otherwise struggling with your mental health, enjoying the great outdoors for a little eco-therapy can make all the difference. If you find you need…
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Hello Sunshine

Are you tired of the gloomy days, short days with little sunlight, heavy thick clothes, and being sequestered in your home. Don’t worry those days are over, its time to…
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Girl Scouts Who’ve Made History

March is a special month for the Girl Scouts. Not only is it Women’s History Month, it also marks the founding of their organization by Juliette Gordon Low in March…
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Happy Girl Scouts’ Day!

The Mindful Living Network is proud to again congratulate the Girl Scouts of the United States of America for the incredible work they continue to do in our world. We…
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Reverse Brain Aging Now

The key to restoring, maintaining and reversing your brain health is Brain S.E.L.F. Care. Nourishing and stimulating the brain on a daily basis is the key to reversing aging, and…
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Your Guide to St. Patrick’s Day

In communities around the country, St. Patrick’s Day is a time of festivities and parades. But the celebration of Irish culture doesn’t begin and end with this Catholic holiday. For…
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Slam Dunk March Madness At Work

It’s March Madness. Yes it’s this time of year where we all hear about bracket busters. Why not enjoy March Madness at work? March Madness is a time to sanction…
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