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Which Type of Empty Nester Are You?

When children leave home every parent experiences it differently this is also known as the empty nester syndrome. Understanding what type of empty nester are you can help you tackle…
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DIY Disaster Evacuation Kit

Hurricane season has been devastating for America and U.S. territories. The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from the beginning of June to the end of November, so many Americans along the…
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becoming a vegan, vegan tips, diet, diet change

Vegan Tips for Beginners

If you love animals and are looking to make a diet change, consider becoming a vegan. It not only saves the animals that you love, it can also be a…
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national new friends day, friends, old friends

Mirror Neurons: Why We Empathize

Your friend stubs his or her toe and you cringe. A person cries and your eyes tear. Your favorite sports team scores and your heart races. But have you ever…
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girl scout, cookies, diy recipes, cookie recipes

DIY Girl Scout Cookies

America’s love affair with Girl Scout cookies began in 1917 and has grown strong ever since. If you’re in the mood for cookies inspired by classic Girl Scout flavors you’re…
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