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Thanksgiving Sandwiches

Got a ton of leftover food from Thanksgiving? Don’t know what to do with it? Try revamping your previous meal into a whole new creation with tasty Thanksgiving sandwich, crescent…
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Earn Extra Cash This Holiday

This holiday season there are some individuals who are getting into the entrepreneurial spirit. Here are some entrepreneurial spirit job ideas: Holiday personal shoppers. It’s an increasingly popular trend where individuals will…
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Don’t Shudder: Alternative Turkey Ideas

Thanksgiving has become synonymous turkey dinners. According to the National Turkey Foundation, 46 million turkeys are prepared on Thanksgiving and nearly 88 percent of all Americans will have turkey on…
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5 Thanksgiving Stress Tips

When it’s your turn to host the Thanksgiving dinner it can be a little stressful. Take a deep breath and reduce your stress with these five helpful tips. Thanksgiving is…
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Retire the Right Way

Everyone retires, but not everyone is emotional or financially prepared when it comes to planning for retirement. According to a AARP survey, 43 percent of older Americans said they were…
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Hostile Relatives for the Holidays

Millions of us look forward to the holidays, but there are some aspects of the season that we dread. The holiday shopping rush is just the start. There’s also the…
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The Healing Power of Rituals

Welcome to the season of rituals. Many of our sacred familial and societal rituals are present this time of year. A ritual is a bridge connecting your past, present, and…
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The In-laws are Coming! Are You Ready for a Reunion?

Thanksgiving reunion, the holiday of togetherness and appreciation, is upon us. This means that some of us will be spending time with our in-laws. Whether you’re a newlywed or have…
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Pardon a Turkey this Year

For many people Thanksgiving and a delicious home cooked turkey go hand-in-hand. It is practically an American tradition. But this is not always the case. Presidents pardoning turkeys is a…
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Giving Tuesday

Volunteering during the holidays will not only help others, it also reminds us of the many things we have to be thankful for. More and more people are helping their…
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