Creating Your Own Sacred Space

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Creating Your Own Sacred Space

While pilgrims have fled to the most famous sacred places in the world like Stonehenge, Fatima, and Lourdes, many of us have found our own sacred space right at our feet. These places have the power to heal our bodies, enlighten our minds, and awaken our souls.

Our culture says we can have it all, if we do it all. Yet, sacred space requires nothing of us. It calls to us to let go and just BE, not DO. Sacred space reaches across the boundary of our soul offering an awareness that is both renewing and humbling. If you dare to let yourself go there, you may find the “all” you yearn for.

Tips for Creating Your Own Sacred Space

  1. Energy – Choose a place of regeneration, energy, and connection. It may be in a bedroom, basement, or a place in nature.
  1. Memories – Choose objects that evoke memories, like a picture, meditation or prayer beads, or a personal journal.
  1. Rituals – Create a ritual in your space — meditate, listen to music or nature sounds, write, or bathe.
  1. Nature—Keep a plant or a flower as a sign of balance and renewal. Harvard research shows a flower or plant uplifts our emotional state and lowers depression and stress.
  1. Candle—lighting a candle shows devotion and that this is a special “set apart” time of reverent respect. Set a timer if you are afraid you will forget to blow out your candle.  If you are in a dorm or place where you cannot light a candle, purchase a small figurine or statue with a light in it so you can turn the light on when you are meditating and turn it off when you are done. I have had people who love totems. Use a turtle, or other animals, with a light in them.


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