Discover Job Opportunities Abroad

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Discover Job Opportunities Abroad

Pounding the pavement, looking for a job can be discouraging for many Americans. If you’re looking for a creative way out the rat race, then maybe you should be thinking internationally instead of locally.When considering working abroad, be realistic about your expectations and the sacrifices you are willing to make.

Here are some of the benefits of discovering job opportunities abroad:

Working in another country exposes you to different cultures. You can learn a new language and develop quiet an impressive, international résumé. According to the Association of Americans Resident Overseas, 6.32 million Americans (excluding military personnel) are living and working abroad. Most of these Americans are living in countries such as Mexico, Italy, China, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

Do you have family responsibilities to consider? How long are you looking to stay? Do research on the country and know what to expect. Check with the U.S. Department of State to make sure that you will be far from danger zones. It also helps to know about the different types of visas and work permits before coming to a final decision.

What kinds of jobs are available? The world’s the limit, literally. You can find small, but fun jobs like paid internships, working on a ranch, au pair positions, or working in hostels. To immerse yourself in the culture you could teach English in foreign countries or become a travel writer. You can also find bigger positions like being a professor abroad, participating in an international field study, or working in environmental management.

Need some more advice? Websites such as Go Abroad and Transitions Abroad are great for finding jobs in other countries. For more information on what to expect when working abroad try the Association of Americans Resident Overseas.


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