Don’t Commit S.E.L.F.icide

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Don’t Commit S.E.L.F.icide

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Selficide arises when you die psychologically, spiritually, and eventually physically. You likely are not aware that you are committing selficide – the crippling ingrained habits, thoughts, and emotions that insiduously take your life away. You become afflicted when you live your life overbooked, overworked, and overwhelmed. Selficide is compulsively living in a rut that becomes a shallow grave.  It distorts your vision and destroys your potential for love.

What is Selficide ?

Selficide is a state of mind, strong emotions, or habitual behaviors that keep you from knowing and experiencing your true self.  Some common emotions are anger, fear, depression, worry, jealousy or grief.  As selficide progresses, you become blinded to your true potential for love, happiness, and balance. You ignore your inner life.

Selficide is when you live disconnected from the rhythms of your life and stop listening to the cycles of your life.  You live stripped of your curiosity, intuition, passion, imagination, and creativity.  It  is any behavior that imprisons you – for example, an obsession with food. Letting food control you, takes away time and attention that you could be giving to something that creates love and happiness.

Depression is a painful form of selficide. It siphons passion and energy from your existence. Anger is a destructive form of it. When you are angry, your energy and attention are focused on harming another person. This creates a curtain between your loving self and others. Anger thwarts your goal of love, balance, and happiness. You can’t find you deepest self in someone else, something else, or somewhere else.

The cure for selficide is learning to develop self-discipline or spiritual practices. Self-discipline is learning to listen deeply to yourself and responding with self-care. You heal  when you live life from the interior, when you go inward and journey to the real life you are meant to live. Only when you are connected with your real self can you find the meaning and purpose of your life.

Let this month be about your heart and love.


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