Fun Sidewalk Chalk Games

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Fun Sidewalk Chalk Games

With televisions, computers, and video games, kids can spend their whole summer stuck indoors. If you want to get your kids outside more consider buying lots of colorful sidewalk chalk. There are so many fun games they can play with sidewalk chalk.

Listed below are just a few creative ideas to help your kids get started with sidewalk chalk games

  1. Giant checker games. With a yardstick and sidewalk chalk you can map out a giant checkerboard on a flat surface (eight rows by eight columns). For checker pieces, your kids can use colored paper plates. They can play multiple rounds and keep score right there on the asphalt. Check out these instructions from Crayola for inspiration.
  1. Sidewalk highway. Do your young children like to play with their toy cars and trucks? Use your colorful chalk to draw a highway on the sidewalk complete with intersections and stop signs. Your children can race their cars, trucks, and fire engines around the roadway. Check out this picture for inspiration.
  1. Chalk scooter course. Do your kids have scooters? Do you have an extra long driveway? Consider creating a fun scooter course. You can create intersections with traffic lights as well as stops along the route (like a gas station or a fruit stand). This picture from What Moms Love should give you some ideas.
  1. Sidewalk shuffleboard. This summer, bring the classic cruise ship game to your own front yard with sidewalk chalk shuffleboard. It’s great fun for kids and adults alike. If you need directions, check out this link from Crayola. You can use fallen sticks for cues and rocks for the discs.
  1. Target practice. This game is rather easy to set up. All you need is some chalk and a few rocks or beanbags. With the chalk, draw a large circle with a series of smaller circles inside like a target. Every ring can represent a certain amount of points, with the center most circle representing the most points. Draw a shooting line and you and your kids can take time throwing the rocks or beanbags at the target. Whoever gets the most points wins! For inspiration, check out this picture.


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