Guided Imagery Once a Week

Stress LESS through Mindful Living®

Guided Imagery Once a Week

One of the most powerful, effective and simple practices to boost your mental and physical health is guided imagery.

Guided imagery uses words and images to help the mind focus and guide you into a state of mind-body healing. The mind is a powerful tool that controls the functions of the body. Our body responds when we imagine an experience the same as if we were actually physically experiencing the particular experience. Superb athletes know this and have been using guided imagery to attain their peak performance before we had the research to prove this.

Guided imagery gives you an immune boost, reduces blood pressure and heart rate, and balances your hormones and body temperature. Guided imagery is used to reach peak performance and improve mental and physical health. Guided imagery can also reduce disease symptoms such as headaches, digestive problems, pain management, lowering cholesterol, insomnia, and breathing issues.

I have used and trained with Belleruth Naparstek for over 20 years. She is used by the Cleveland Clinic and other illustrious medical institutions for disease management such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, insomnia, and depression. Her work is also used for grief, anger, stress, and a ton of other conditions. She has saved my life many times over the years. I am astounded at the power of guided imagery.

You can use her guided imagery for issues that occur throughout your life such as fear, anger, weight gain, stress, depression, forgiveness, and loss. I have downloaded all of her guided imagery audio files and I use them regularly for the many issues we humans must deal with in this journey called life.


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