Healing Powers of Crystals

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Healing Powers of Crystals

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After receiving numerous medical bills, lots of patients have become curious about other methods of healing. One alternative medical treatment that has sparked their attention is crystal healing therapy.

Practitioners of crystal therapy believe that our bodies naturally have high vibrations and an aura that protects us from ailments. When we come in contact with negative elements like toxins, pollutants or even negative people, it lowers the vibration rate of our bodies. This can cause “blocked” or “unbalanced” energy which can lead to an array of physical and mental problems, from back pain and headaches to stress and depression.

With crystal therapy it’s believed that the energy from the special crystals can restore our bodies. This comes from an ancient practice which can be found in many early Aboriginal, Asian and Egyptian civilizations. Each stone from jade to quartz has a different medical purpose. The individual color and mineral content of the stone effects its efficiency. Crystal therapy is practiced by holding the stone, wearing it, or placing it on the affected area.

Scientific data to prove the effectiveness of crystal therapy is scarce, so there are many disputes about this medical alternative. However, AltMd.com says that it’s relatively safe with no proven side effects.  Crystal therapy is usually used along with other alternative medical practices like chakra therapy.

Thinking about giving crystal healing therapy a try? Here are three suggestions to keep in mind:

  1. Pick the right stone. When choosing a stone for your therapy make sure you pick the right one for your ailments. For instance, amber stones are said to have a positive influence on your circulatory system, sapphires help your throat (and communicating) and jade stones bring emotional security.
  2. Cleanse the stone. After you acquire the right stone online or at a store you’ll need to cleanse it from any “negative emotions” it may be caring from a previous use. There are various methods for cleansing stones including burying the stone in sea salt or washing it with water and putting it in the sun to dry.
  3. Charge the stone. Some crystal therapy practitioners also “charge” or “program” their stone before using it, for extra power. They may use different natural elements like sunlight or moonlight.


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