It’s Time for an American Adventure

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It’s Time for an American Adventure

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August is American Adventure Month, the perfect time for breaking free from your routines and trying something new. Whether it’s a weekend excursion or a prolonged road trip, this month take the time to explore this great country of ours.

Adventures aren’t just for kids, fairy tales, or sci-fi dramas—each of us can easily add a little adventure to our own lives. This month think big, such as going on your dream vacation or booking an experience you’ve been dying to try like scuba diving or bungee jumping. If you can’t afford the large adventures, consider smaller quests. Weekend trips or a fun evening out on the town can work as well. No matter what you choose, the most important part of an adventure is doing something new and breaking free from your usual routine.

4 American Adventure Ideas

Are you ready to go exploring? Listed below are four Mindful tips for forging your own adventure. 

  • Plan a trip or an experience. We still have a few more weeks of summer—make the most of it by planning a vacation. Try a road trip or a weekend getaway to a city you’ve never visited—they’re the ultimate adventures. You can also plan an experience like skydiving or horseback riding.
  • Explore your town. Discover parts of town that you have never visited before. Leave your car at home and go on a walking or biking adventure. A few years ago, we published a travel series and you can use these tips to discover the gems in your own city.
  • Join a local organization. Want to go on an adventure in your own town? Don’t want to go alone? There are many local clubs and organizations that you can join. There are clubs for everyone including motorcycle enthusiasts, boulder climbers, backpackers, and wildlife photographers. Try clubs at your local community center or go online and find outdoor adventure Meetup Groups.
  • Let your smartphone inspire you. With the proper apps on your smartphone, you can find all sorts of adventures in your own backyard. The app Pokémon Go was very popular a few years ago for bringing a childhood adventure series to life. Using an app like this is a fun way to explore your local area. You can also try apps like AllTrails, which helps you navigate local trails, and Geocaching, helps you go treasure hunting around town.


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