Dr. Larry Dorr: Operation Walk

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Dr. Larry Dorr: Operation Walk

Larry Dorr, Operation Walk

Dr. Larry Dorr is an orthopedic surgeon who founded Operation Walk. Dr. Dorr began Operation Walk in Moscow where he was teaching Russian physicians how to do knee replacement surgery and total hip replacements in 1994. He became very concerned about the vast number of people living in severe pain and suffering who needed this orthopedic surgery but could not afford it.

Dr. Dorr started Operation Walk as a volunteer medical organization that provides much-needed knee and hip surgeries for patients unable to afford such medical care. He trained volunteer doctors to do the replacements.

Over 6,000 patients in developing countries have benefited from this free surgery. It has provided mobility and relief of tremendous pain in most patients allowing most people to work and live productive lives. Pre-op, post-op, hospitalization, and surgery are all free.

Bless you, Dr. Larry Dorr and your team of blessed volunteer orthopedic surgeons who give health, love, and hope to those in need. You are truly our Mindful Hero.


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