Love Gives You New Life

Stress LESS through Mindful Living®

Love Gives You New Life

Sharing your stresses and concerns with others helps the mind and body relax and renew.  Research tells us there is a positive relationship between having community and our health and longevity.

  1. Meet with a friend or friends at least once a week for a meal.  When we have a physical connection with others we produce healthy hormones and they relax us and reduce our stress.  Meet at a local restaurant, or take turns meeting at each other’s homes in the neighborhood.
  2. Get in a group.  Create a study group, a card group, an exercise group or some group around some interest you have.  When you have friends that support you there is less stress in your life.
  3. Phone support.  Keep at least three best friends or family on your phone list.  When you are stressed call a friend or family member for support and that will de-stress you when you realize you are not alone and someone cares about you.
  4. Write letters and cards.  Keep stationery and cards at your home so you can drop loved ones a card or a letter to keep in touch with those you love.
  5. Color.  Surround yourself with colors you love and wear colors you love.  This will stimulate you and make you happy and alert.
  6. Flowers.  Keep flowers or a flower in your home.  Harvard research shows that having a flower increased your happiness, lessens depression and stress.



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