March for Our Lives

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March for Our Lives

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As adults, it’s our job to protect children, but when it comes to gun violence we have failed. The Sandy Hook, Pulse, and Las Vegas shootings should have never happened in the first place, but even these horrific events couldn’t spur enough action to implement real and lasting change. The next generation is no longer waiting for us to do what’s right—they are taking action themselves.

March for Our Lives

The shock of last week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida still has the nation reeling. During the shooting, students documented the horrifying event on social media. Pictures of teens crouching under their desks, hiding from the gunman, were shared over and over again on Twitter.

Afterwards, media outlets have interviewed the survivors and they are using the spotlight to demand for gun control. Literally from their parents’ living rooms, the teens have started to plan a march on Washington D.C. known as March For Our Lives. The students and their family will be there to meet with lawmakers and they are inviting others to come join them. They’re also planning a national student walk-out to bring more attention to the cause.

People all over the country are pitching in to help, including celebrities. Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, and George and Amal Clooney have all donated $500,000 to the march.

Despite all of this, these kids are still facing obstacles.

Now’s the Time to Talk About Gun Control

When the tragedy was finally over, many politicians offered the same response. The president visited victims in the hospital and met with first responders, and other political officials offered prayers, thoughts, and little else in terms of change. Many came forward and said that now was not the time to talk about gun control.

Having survived what is now the worst high school shooting in America, these teens are demanding concrete change, not kind words or little gestures. They’ve already vowed that they will be the last mass shooting. From now on, we can’t walk away from these discussions. We have to join these kids and be apart of the solution.

Show Your Support 

You can do your part by going to the GoFundMe page for the event. They are trying to raise $2 million for organizing the march on Washington. All of the leftover funds will be going to the victims’ funds. So far, they have raised more than $1.2 million. 

That’s not all. They are also selling merchandise (shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies) with their “March for Our Lives” logo. All of the profits will fund the march.

If you want to do more, please consider going to the march on Washington on March 24th. Or be apart of a local march in your community. We need all of our collective voices to end gun violence.

Main photo credit: Lorie Shaull / Flickr


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