Mindful Apps™: Best Back to School Apps

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Mindful Apps™: Best Back to School Apps

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When the start of a new school year comes, children and parents need to be prepared. Fortunately, there are countless smartphone and tablet apps that can help with back-to-school prep. Listed below are six Mindful suggestions for the best back to school apps.

Back-to-School Apps for Parents

  1. Back-to-school shopping. Shopping for school can be expensive. What parents need is an app that will help them find the best deals, and RedLaser can help with just that. With this app, you can scan a barcode and find the best price for the item at the nearest store.
  2. Lunch information. Want to make sure that your children are getting a healthy and delicious lunch? There’s an app for that. The School Lunch by Nutrislice app lists the daily lunch menu at school districts. The app also offers nutritional details, ingredients, and allergens so you can monitor what your children are eating.
  3. Kid tracker. With all the extracurricular activities, it can be a challenge to keep track of the kids. But with apps, you can monitor the kids with their smartphones. The Life360 app lets the whole family share their locations. The app even sends notifications when the kids safely arrive at their destination.
  4. Stress reducer. When the kids go back to school it can add a lot of additional stress on parents. From the school projects to parent-teacher meetings, parents will need an app to relieve stress. If back-to-school stress is getting to you consider the Mindful Moments


Back-to-School Apps for the Children

  1. Studying tools. Smartphones don’t have to be a distraction; in fact, they can help students study. Your kids can use Google Docs or Microsoft Excel to organize the information and then create flashcards with apps like gFlashPro or gFlash+. These apps will even track their improvement.
  2. Planner helper. Organization is key to success, but for some kids it’s a hard task to accomplish. Help them stay focus with a smartphone app. Your children can keep track of their daily schedule, homework due dates, and test dates with apps like myHomework. They can even set helpful reminders.
  3. Grade tracker. To ensure that their final grade isn’t a surprise, your kids may benefit from a grade tracker. With apps like Grade Tracker Pro, you and your children can customize the scale and weight for each class. They will be able to predict their potential scores and calculate what they will need to earn on assignments in order to get a higher final score.

Bonus: Need more back-to-school apps for the kids? There are apps geared towards foreign languages, history, literature, math, and science that can help students. Find Mindful App suggestions here.


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