Mindful Procrastination Tips

Studies show that 95 percent of us procrastinate, but only 20 percent of us see it as a problem. Procrastination causes businesses untold losses of money and productivity, but there are also health consequences. The longer you put off the task, the more the stress builds and the more depressed you feel. Unfortunately, procrastination is a hard habit to break.

Listed below are six Mindful tips to help you overcome procrastination.

  1. Repeat positive affirmations. Stop your self-hate talk and thinking. Get empowered with positive words. Create your own positive affirmation like: “This is a challenge,” “I will learn a lot doing this project,” “I am focused and organized.” Keep repeating it over as you take deep breaths.
  2. Get organized. Creating lists allows you to see your priorities. You’ll also experience great satisfaction when you cross items off your list. Make a folder for each task. Break the task into smaller pieces so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Make sure to date each task so you stay on a schedule. You will reduce your stress.
  3. Time management. Be realistic about how much time it will take to do the project. Don’t underestimate.  This is a crucial step because you may need to say no to other projects instead of getting overloaded.  You live with less stress when you’re in control.
  4. Buddy system.  If you have a partner, spouse, roommate, or coworker, enlist them to keep you on task. An incredible support group makes all the difference. Tell others you have made a commitment to stop the procrastination so they can help keep you on track.
  5. Reward yourself.  Don’t forget to celebrate. You will begin to feel your self-esteem increase as you reduce your stress and anxiety.

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