Mindful Health Tips for Arthritis

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Mindful Health Tips for Arthritis

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Are you struggling with arthritis pain? Millions of Americans are. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in five adults in the United States has been diagnosed with arthritis. Arthritis comes in various forms including fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. This painful disease impacts your physical movements by deteriorating your joints, bones, and cartilage. Fortunately, with the right Mindful steps, you can reduce the painful symptoms and even prevent arthritis.

4 Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Do you often find yourself asking, “What can I take for arthritis pain?” Does your loved one want to know what’s good for arthritis pain? Listed below are four Mindful Health® tips for preventing and reducing arthritis pain.

Change Your Diet 

Arthritis causes inflammation and weakens joints; fortunately, having the right foods in your diet can help ease the pain. Omega-3 fatty acids are a natural treatment for arthritis. It can reduce inflammation. Salmon, olive oil, and walnuts are rich with these nutrients, so consider adding more of them to your diet. Calcium strengthens your joints, so consider adding more yogurt and leafy greens (like kale and spinach) to your meals. Help prevent your chances of developing arthritis by eating more fruits and veggies with antioxidants like vitamin C and bioflavonoids. These nutrients can be found in sweet potatoes, oranges, cherry tomatoes, and blackberries.

Conquer Your Social Limitations

Arthritis negatively impacts the social lives of many Americans. In fact, one in nine Americans reports that arthritis made things such as walking long distances, kneeling, and climbing stairs a challenge. This can have devastating consequences on social activities such as playing sports, volunteering, shopping, or even having a night out on the town. Informing friends about your physical limitations can be beneficial and so can modifying your usual activities. This disease can also impact your love life since painful joints can make intimate activities a challenge. Fortunately, expressing your needs with your partner can help matters. Experts also suggest experimenting with positions and pillows.

Modify Your Work Environment

Arthritis can also lead to complications at work. According to the CDC and a National Health Interview Survey, 31 percent of people with arthritis report “arthritis-attributable work limitations.” Jobs that require a lot of walking around, heavy lifting, or quick motions like typing can be troublesome for those with arthritis. Fortunately, there are changes you can make to your work environment. Asking for an alternative chair or having frequent stretching sessions throughout the day can make a huge difference. After reviewing the Americans with Disabilities Act consider talking to your human resources department about your diagnosis, so your employer will know about any new limitations you may have at work.

Exercise Properly

Though arthritis can make physical activity a challenge, it’s still important to exercise frequently. In fact, exercise is another natural treatment for arthritis. Exercise can improve your flexibility, ease your pain, strengthen your muscles, and improve mobility. Water aerobics reduces the stress on your joints. Yoga and Tai Chi reduces stress and arthritis pain. Also, golf is a great exercise for your shoulders, wrists, and hands. And dance classes can increase flexibility and enhance mobility. Lastly, for more ideas, check out this article.


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