Create A First-Aid Kit

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Create A First-Aid Kit

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Every home should be equipped with a first aid kit in case of an emergency. With all the outdoor fun families tend to have during this time of year, first aid kits are essential for summer safety.

Be Prepared: Summer Emergencies!

There are many dangers lurking around homes during the summer. Over 200,000 lawn mower accidents occur each year. Fireworks and sparklers caused 8,600 injuries in 2010.  And roughly 400,000 garden injuries like serious cuts occur during the year. Having a well-equipped first aid kit can help with minor wounds that are caused by these dangers.

Nowadays, you can find a variety of pre-packaged first aid kits at your local store. They usually include the essentials like bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, and gloves or sanitizing wipes for your hands. You’ll also need Neosporin, antiseptic wipes for the wounds, extra medications, ice packs, a thermometer, scissors, tweezers and a first aid manual.

Summer First Aid Kit

Buying a prepackaged first aid kit is convenient, but preparing your own kit may be better. You can customize it to your own summer needs and include some of the following special items.

  1. Sustainable products. Use eco-friendly products to create an environmental first aid kit. EO has hand sanitizer wipes that are plant-based (bamboo and aloe vera) instead of saturated with chemicals. All Terrain has biodegradable fabric and waterproof bandages.
  2. Sun protection. Including sunblock in your DIY first aid kit is always a good idea. It’s essential for summer activities. You can buy a regular bottle or try something special. You can purchase eco-friendly sunscreen from True Natural. Or you can make your own with ingredients like Shea butter and natural oils.
  3. Bug repellent. Protect your family from bug bites by packing emergency bug repellent with your DIY first aid kit. You can try traditional bug sprays, natural options like Burt’s Bees Natural Insect Repellent or new gadgets like bug repellent bracelets.
  4. Ointment. You may also want to consider an array of ointments for rashes, bug bites, poison ivy outbreaks, and sunburn. Burt’s Bees has created natural bug bite relief and poison ivy treatment products. And Banana Boat has lotions for sunburns.


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