Repair a Hostile Workplace in 4 Steps

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Repair a Hostile Workplace in 4 Steps

Most offices today operate under the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” structure. This is unwise because many work environments are actually broken; they just go unnoticed. A fractured work environment is bad for the whole office: the boss, the employees, and production. That’s why making workplace repairs is so important.

Millions of Americans quit their job every year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2.1 and 2.5 million Americans quit their jobs every month. These employees leave their jobs for many reasons, but many of the complaints are related to toxic work environments. Stress, micro-managing bosses, overworked employees, loss of trust, and inadequate communication are just a few contributing factors to toxic work environments and quitting.

Help repair your office with these four Mindful steps:

Build trust

According to a job survey from the recruiting website,, 52.6 percent of the quitting participants were leaving their job because they didn’t trust their boss. Employees and bosses can repair a fractured work environment by putting aside self-serving desires for the common good. Consistency in your words and behaviors is also important for building trust. Remember that when you want something to change it’s important to start with yourself.

Mend office motivation

Incentives are said to be a part of a $100 billion industry, which comes as no surprise considering how great of a motivation it can be (especially in offices). Incentives can increase office motivation and heal fractured offices. Consider encouraging your office to implement bonuses for great performances, office parties, half days, workplace amenities (like a gym or daycare), and education opportunities.

Reconnect with Coworkers

Recent studies show that the workplace has become the “new neighborhood.” We know more about our coworkers than our neighbors. Nowadays, we are more and more likely to maintain friendships with our coworkers during retirement than ever before. This is why reconnecting with your coworkers is so important. Practicing common courtesy and respecting others can help repair a broken workplace.

Set goals

Clear goals are necessary for a successful business and a happy work environment. Goals help you measure success, encourage employee performance, and create a cohesive team. Personal goals are also important for a successful career and a peaceful work environment. Consider creating your own goals and encourage others in your office to do the same.


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