Rosemary’s Healing Horse Altar

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Rosemary’s Healing Horse Altar

Recently our foal, Sydney, was born premature and was very ill. We rushed her to the University of Georgia Veterinarian Hospital in Athens, GA. I sent an email to my good friends and told them Sydney was very sick and asked them to pray for her. Rosemary had build a healing horse altar.

After this, I received one of the most mindful, kind, and meaningful gifts I have ever received. My dear friend Holli emailed me back and said she and her mother in law were praying for our little, sick, premature foal, Sydney. Holli’s mother-in-law, who precious Holli calls her, “mother-in-LOVE” immediately created an altar for Sydney.

Angel of God, Rosemary Sharp, whom I have never met, took her time, energy and resources to create a healing horse altar, for a stranger like me, to help send love and healing to our foal. I will never forget this mindful, loving kindness Rosemary extended to me and our sick foal. Sydney is alive and home with her mother, Sophia, in the pasture enjoying her life at Oak Haven. I have no doubt Rosemary’s gorgeous love filled altar helped heal her and bring Sydney home to us.

God bless you, Rosemary. You are a Divine inspiration to all of us on the planet. I am excited about meeting you someday but will keep this photo of your loving horse altar forever. You will always rest in the cave of my heart.


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