Set your Family’s Thermostat on RELAX

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Set your Family’s Thermostat on RELAX

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The key to health, happiness, and longevity is learning how to RELAX. The family that relaxes together stays together. Our children are growing up in a world that is getting increasingly more stressful with each passing day. Below are a few tips so you can set your family’s thermostat on “relax.”

Research tells us that our children mirror our own stress. One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the healing balm of relaxation. It is an essential element for true happiness in life.

Relaxation Tips and Relaxation Techniques for Families

Set your family’s thermostat for August on “RELAX,” with these four tips.

  1. Set an example. Research tells us that our children mirror their parent’s behavior. Parents set the example for your family about the emotional, physical, and spiritual value of relaxation. Take walks, read, practice yoga and meditation, take naps, and keep up good sleep hygiene practices.
  2. Healing power of water. Lakes, rivers, springs, and swimming pools are sources of relaxing healing power. Teach your family the incredible joy and intimacy of experiencing water. Don’t forget to take a raft or water toys. Discover the water sources in your area; find places where you can laugh, play, and relax with your family.
  3. Quiet time. For ten minutes every evening, turn off all technology and create “quiet time,” in your family. Invite each person to sit or lie down in their room or private space in silence. Teach your family to relax and listen to their lives. If you don’t teach them the blessing of silence in this noisy busy world, who will?
  4. Nature time. Getting into nature relaxes the mind, body, and soul. Our entire being relaxes when we experience the sun on our face, the wind against our skin, and the scent of freshly mowed grass. Get your family outside and enjoy the pure rhythm of Mother Nature.


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