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3 Food Tips to Jump Start Your Memory

Many of us turn to puzzles, exercises, and even apps to help improve our memory, but there are other tastier solutions. Healthy eating is key to preserving your mental health…
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stress shrinks the brain, stress and mental health

Stress Is Shrinking Your Brain

Stress is linked to brain shrinkage. A recent stress and mental health study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio reports stress causes brain shrinkage and…
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benefits of play, brain candy, rewire your brain

Play is Brain Candy

Play is the “brain candy” that dissolves stress. Play is hardwired into our genes. The benefits of play and laughter in overcoming and preventing stress are numerous. Halloween is the…
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are we getting dumber

Why Are Our IQ Test Scores Falling?

It seems with the advent of technology, science, and education we should be getting smarter. But emerging research is telling us that we are getting dumber with each generation. IQ…
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brain awareness month

It’s Brain Awareness Month

June is Brain Awareness month, a time for people of all ages to get involved. Forgetting Things? Do you feel like you just keep forgetting things? Do you feel as…
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It’s Puzzle Time! Puzzles Reduce Stress!

Puzzles are a great way to reduce stress. Puzzles are a powerful tool that increase your memory and as a result help slow the aging process of the brain. Research…
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Stress Shrinks the Brain

A little stress in your daily life is natural, but too much stress can do your body a lot of harm. You many know that stress can ruin your concentration…
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