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DIY Natural Deodorant

With Mindful exercise comes a lot of not-so-pleasant sweat, and nowadays people are turning to do-it-yourself recipes to rid themselves of offensive body odor. You can easily make your own…
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diy first aid kit, first aid kit, summer first aid kit

Create A First-Aid Kit

Every home should be equipped with a first aid kit in case of an emergency. With all the outdoor fun families tend to have during this time of year, first…
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“Upcycle” Items for the Office

We all have odds and ends around the house that we don’t know what to do with. We could recycle or donate them. Or we can take these ordinary objects…
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6 DIY Gym Bag Essentials

Every athlete needs a properly planned and packed gym bag. The right tools and equipment can make even a gym novice feel like a workout warrior. Here are some handy…
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Have a Spa Day at Home

Everyone needs a treat for themselves every now and then; a trip to the spa can usually do the trick. In this economy, not many people have extra money to…
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4 DIY Piggy Banks Your Kids Will Love

If you’re looking for a small craft project to occupy your children’s time, then DIY piggy banks may be just what you’re looking for! Your kids will have fun getting…
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women's history month activites

3 DIY Crafts Inspired by Amazing Women in History

Women’s History Month is the perfect opportunity for parents to teach their kids about amazing women from our past. Fun craft projects are a great way to turn a history…
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strawberry, strawberry roses, valentine's day, strawberries

Mindful, Romantic Strawberry Roses

Strawberries are the essence of romance. So this Valentine’s day why not romance your partner with a bouquet of these delicious and healthy treats. Strawberries make a healthy Valentine’s Day…
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Dream Big with Your Vision Board

The Immense Power of Your Imagination A vision board consists of pictures and phrases that best represent our dreams. We can use it to organize and clarify our life goals,…
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cold and flu

Flu and Cold DIY Ideas

With flu season having already begun and cold season here, now is the time to start stocking up on your cold and flu remedies and gear. You’ll need to buy…
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