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Make Reading a Family Ritual

Reading time is an important part of any child’s development. Reading not only improves school success, it also reduces stress, helps with sleep, and slows cognitive decline. With National Book…
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Altar Your Life with Family Meals

Are you sharing meals with your family on a regular basis? You should! Studies now show that mealtime with family can benefit the health of your children and Altar Your…
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The Healing Power of Rituals

Welcome to the season of rituals. Many of our sacred familial and societal rituals are present this time of year. A ritual is a bridge connecting your past, present, and…
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The Season of Rituals

Welcome to the season of rituals. November begins the season of the most profound rituals in our lives. A ritual is a bridge connecting your past, present, and future. Rituals…
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Amazing Benefits of Families Exercising Together

It’s “Exercise With Your Child Week.” Studies show families that exercise, eat meals and play together have stronger family bonds and are mentally and physically healthier. Our technological society has…
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Creating Rituals for the Entire Family

The free and easy schedule of summer has ended as families send their kids back to school. Creating healthy routines is a great way to start and end the day…
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