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The Key to a Long Life

SELF Care Aging Program Aging can be quite an adventure. Staying active and developing wellness practices that you do regularly are keys to a long, happy, and prosperous life. Attitude…
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Good Friends Reduce Stress

It kills us to be lonely. Not having good friends is about as harmful to your health as being obese or smoking 15 cigarettes a day, according to research from…
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Poolside Party Ideas!

Nothing says summer more than relaxing evenings with friends and family by the pool. So this summer why not throw a mindful poolside party for your loved ones? It’s a…
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How to Mindfully Boost Your Energy

You’re low on energy and the day has just begun. What do you do? Most Americans will start pouring a second, maybe third, cup of coffee or reach for an…
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Study Shows Your Heart Needs a Vacation!

Skipping vacations put people at risk for burnout, which can lead to a state of depression and unhappiness, not to mention long-term illnesses like heart disease. Research tells us that it…
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Blueberries: The Anti-Aging Fruit

Blueberries are nutritional “super fruits” that you should definitely keep in your fridge. They are packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber and have numerous health benefits. In fact,…
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Perfect Gift For New Grad, Mindful Family, Mindful Living Netowrk

Perfect Gifts for the New Grad

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Millions of college students are now graduating, embarking on new adventures and jump starting their careers. When it comes to picking out a…
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workout motivation

To Get Fit, Stay Motivated

When we don’t feel like exercising we come up with a lot of excuses. We say that we don’t have the time or that we’re too tired, but the true…
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Do a Quick Mini Meditation

It’s Healthy to Unplug It is mentally and physically healthy to unplug throughout your day. Research shows even a few minutes of a renewal ritual can not only reduce stress,…
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3 Mindful Skincare Tips

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs to be taken care of properly, especially in summer months. With summer comes sun rays and chlorinated pools,…
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