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Stress LESS through Mindful Living®

You + Dirt = CALM

You + Dirt = CALM Getting in the dirt to garden is an ancient physical activity that has numerous health benefits. Playing in the dirt benefits you by reducing your…
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Welcome to the Mindful Living Network®

Dr. Kathleen Hall introduces the Mindful Living Network®, an online community for people looking for sustainable ways to achieve Mindful Living®.

Get a Head Start on Mother’s Day Gifts

Since 1914, American children have taken one special day out of the year to honor their mothers. This May 11th millions of flowers and cards will be delivered to over…
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May is Expensive

May can bring lots of summer financial stress to a family. The month of May has many celebrations such as Mother’s Day, graduations, gifts for teachers, and the additional travel…
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Dance Your Stress Away

When your workout routine is exciting you are more likely to keep up your exercise regimen. This is why dancing is the perfect Mindful tip for bettering your health. There…
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We Need Music Now More Than Ever

There is amazing power absorbed through music. It can help you through heartbreaks, stressful life events, and energize you during exercise sessions. But most importantly, music can bring you joy…
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Stress Triggers Obesity

When something goes wrong at work or issues arise in your romantic relationship, you may feel an urge to eat. This is called emotional eating and it’s caused by stress.…
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Buy Yourself A Plant

Houseplants aren’t just beautiful air purifiers they actually help calm you. Researchers have found that simply being around plants can induce your relaxation response. One Washington State University study found…
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Start Lifting Weights Today

Lifting weights can help you build muscle, lose fat and gain mental and physical strength and endurance. Lifting weights increases your metabolism and burns fat. A University of Pittsburg study…
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7 Stress Busters Only the Happiest People Know

Why are some people so upbeat and seemingly unfazed by troubles or tension? How do they handle today’s busy lifestyles, pressures, and challenges with such confidence? It seems like happy…
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